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During the last week of April, Baby Bundles held almost twenty different events as a part of our 2021 Beverages & Bundles fundraising week.
While we were able to meet as a group of over 500 in February of 2020, the pandemic had other plans for our fundraising efforts this year. Thankfully, we are privileged to have an amazing Executive Director in Paula Foust, a superb Board of Directors, and a flexible staff and support team that helped us reassess what this year would look like for our event.

As you have seen over the past few weeks, Beverages & Bundles was a huge success. The pandemic did NOT stop us from reaching our goal and sharing our story.

Co-Founder Emily Harry hosted TWO events for Baby Bundles’ Beverages & Bundles fundraising week and each gathering was a wonderful success. Thank you, Emily, for joining with Heather and Cat ten years ago to help mothers in need and honor the memory of the children you lost.