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The Iron Butterfly

The staff at the Iron Butterfly promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit.  One generous way to nurture our spirit is in giving to others. During the month of November the Iron Butterfly collected much needed items for our bundles.  We were presented with blankets, baby clothing, sweet little hats and soft toys.  The basket Heather Obleada presented to Baby Bundles was full of essentials and given with love.  Many Thanks to our supporters at the Iron Butterfly.

Ho Ho Ho

Santa Clause made a special guest appearance at Circa Interiors and Antiques last Thursday.  Children sank into his lap and whispered their Christmas wishes into his ear.

Guests were encouraged to share in the spirit of giving by bringing a blanket or book for Baby Bundles.  Our bin was stuffed full of colorful blankets to warm needy babies.

In addition to partnering with Baby Bundles for the Holiday party, Circa Interiors and Antiques pledged a generous $500 donation to support our mission to serve local needy families.  We are most appreciative of their gift.

The season of giving

During the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, Emily Harry and Cecelia McNorrill hosted their annual Gingerbread Man decorating party.  Guests brought blankets for our bundles to show their children that the season is made more wonderful by the spirit of giving to others. Our donation bin spilled over with soft blankets.

Exercising Kindness

A group of General Managers from Planet Fitness decided to swap the work out at the gym for a work out at our warehouse.  December 4th this group built 40 bundles and transported them to Presbyterian Hospital NICU.  We LOVED the energy this group brought to the organization.  They even tackled getting the donations sorted and organized from our  overflowing donations room!  We appreciate the support from our friends at Planet Fitness.

Happy Anniversary Po’s Point

Po’s Point, a needlepoint store located in the Southpark Area, celebrated 5 years of providing classes and goods to local needlepoint consumers.  As a gift to customers they gave them coupons if they donated to Baby Bundles!  The party raised over $200 to help local needy babies.  We appreciate their support.