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Baby Bundles gains support from Local Organizations

We are frequently asked by friend and family how we produce such massive amounts of bundles.  There are many factors that make Baby Bundles possible but it boils down to clothing and money.  A bulk of our clothing currently comes from local consignment sales which donate clothing after the sale.  For example,  we receive large amounts of donations from the St. Gabriel Consignment Sale sponsored by the Christian Mothers Group at the church coming up September 28.  The day after the sale Baby Bundles volunteers are able to collect gently used clothing, books and blankets for our bundles.

Some consignment sales do not offer baby clothing.  Last month the Green Jeans Consignment Sale for Women and Teens donated a portion of their proceeds to Baby Bundles.

We simply could not function without this type of support.  We are so grateful to be partnered with both of these organizations and hope for our good fortune to continue to grow!