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Women who lost children strive to serve new moms

It was the “saddest, darkest, loneliest part of my life.”

In May 2008, Emily Harry delivered a son stillborn at 36 weeks.

Now, she and two other women who delivered children who were stillborn or died within a few hours of birth are launching Baby Bundles, a nonprofit that provides new mothers in financial need with a bag of infant essentials.

With seed money from the three founders’ families, and operating with a projected annual budget of $53,000, Baby Bundles is teaming with Presbyterian Healthcare and the Nurse-Family Partnership, a program of Care Ring.

The group in November made its first delivery, a handful of bags for the Nurse-Family Partnership, which provides support for first-time, low-income mothers.

Its initial goal at Presbyterian is to serve 20 to 35 uninsured mothers per month at its main hospital and later serve mothers there receiving Medicaid support. That equates to about 200 bags per month.


Cat Long Featured in Charlotte Smarty Pants Website

The following article was posted on the Charlotte Smarty Pants Website.

Smarty Mom: Cat Long

By Krista W

Welcome 1-1-11! And today’s Smarty Mom is numero uno in so many ways. Cat Long inspires you from the first time you meet her. Her outgoing personality ropes you into conversation. She lights up a room. No matter how many wonderful things I could write about Cat, it would never do her true self justice. Cat is a mom of two children under three and two children over 18. Exhausting yes, but Cat is as put together as they come. Always in style, never misses an important date, engaged in our community, and full of personality. Cat isn’t one of those moms who sits and watches life move around her. That isn’t her style. No, she is far too busy making things around her better. (more…)