Nurse-Family Partnership

Baby Bundles is partnered with two local organizations: Presbyterian Hospital and Nurse-Family Partnership which is a division under CARE RING.  Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is an evidence-based, nurse home-visiting program in which nurses work with low-income, first-time mothers during pregnancy through the first two years of their child’s life.  As a result, these mothers in need enjoy greater economic stability, improved education, and more competent care for their children.  Participants are less likely than their peers to rely on social assistance programs.

Baby Bundles delivers an estimated 15 bundles per quarter to NFP.  Ursula Douglas is  Nurse-Family Partner Director in Charlotte.  Below is a photo of Cat Long, Ursula Douglas and Heather Leavitt at our April delivery to the Uptown NFP location.

A Good Egg

When I was a little girl I remember hearing my mother’s friends chatter about children.  They where always impressed if little Susie used her good manners at the table or if little Joey said “yes, Mam.”  I soaked up the etiquette I would need to become an adequate member of society.  But how would I become what my Mom referred to as “A Good Egg.” That is a child that not only knew how to mind but also had great heart…

We received a donation at Baby Bundles from “A Good Egg.”  Lindsey Gatlin is it.  She is the daughter of a friend I have known since the days we played together in the sandbox. Lindsey is barely double digits and sent us ten dollars cash and the letter below.  It was touching to all of us.  Her mother must be proud.

Magic Windows Day!

Magic Windows at Phillips Place shopping center is one of Charlotte’s finest classic children’s clothing and accessory stores for boys and girls, newborn to teen.  Thursday, March 24 this charming store hosted a Baby Bundles day and gave a percent of the sales that day to Baby Bundles.  We appreciate the support of the store and all of our family and friends that made purchases for a good cause!

The Little Princess & Little Prince Ball

Baby Bundles was thrilled to be included in the sweet Little Princess & Little Prince Ball at The Children’s Circle at Myers Park United Methodist Church.  Mommies and Daddies had a special night out with their preschooler on February 24.  The couples brought new and gently used blankets and onesies to donate to Baby Bundles!  Cat picked up the donation and photographed the wonderful, generous gift.

Baby Bundles Helps New Moms – Fox News

See News report about this HERE

Three Charlotte moms suffered the unimaginable, their babies died. But these women resolved to honor those children and to help others. They started a charity called Baby Bundles. These bags have about 150 dollars worth of newborn essentials for moms in need. Moms Emily Harry, Heather Leavitt and Cat Long launched Baby Bundles and have delivered 25 bags so far and hope to do that every month.

“We realized there are a lot of mothers out there who need help and while we can’t prevent children from dying like what happened to us what we can do is help babies who are born in Charlotte get a better start in life with their mothers,” said Emily Harry.
Cat Long adds “It’s wonderful to be able to take something that was sad and difficult in the beginning and turn it into something that’s happy and that helps others along the way.”Heather Leavitt recalls giving the first Baby Bundle to a new mom. “That was enormously gratifying, this woman was so happy and so overwhelmed to receive it.” All three women say helping others helps them…heals them.

Each bundle comes with a card that says a baby is a beautiful blessing. Also on the card are five names, Low, Catherine, Mary, Joseph and Sarah. They are the five children lost by these moms. Through Baby Bundles these moms honor their children and share their love with new moms and their newborns.

Click here to view the article on Fox News

Simplicity Sort Day

Simplicity is a local organizational company which is a Baby Bundles “friend”.  These women have given us strategies to make our sorting and bundling process more streamlined than ever.  Thanks to Laurie Martin and team who have donated their time we have such a spiffy looking shelving system with rows of pink, yellow and blue items ready to be packaged and delivered to sweet little ones.  Thank you Simplicity for making our mountains of clothes become neatly organized, labeled bins!  We appreciate your can do attitude and detailed plans.  You are the best!

When it rains…it pours…

When it rains, it pours.  Well, that certainly has been true for Baby Bundles lately.  We have been so thrilled to be getting so many donations!  We have received donations from consignment sales like the wonderful folks at Covenant Presbyterian Church who donated a car full clothing and blankets to the donor in Tennessee who actually shipped us a box full of baby clothing!  We received adorable smocked dresses, cute coverall’s and mounds of precious clothing from Myers Park Presbyterian Church’s Consignment sale.  We were one of the charities that received donated items left over from the huge consignment sale the Harris Y recently held.   We were also so grateful for the donations from local stores like Kid to Kid and L & M.  It has been a windfall of baby clothes in our warehouse. Keep it coming!  The more donations we have the more babies we will clothe.  Our community is remarkable!

Special Delivery

Baby Bundles has a special delivery coming soon!!!!  We are busy buying and bundling for boys and girls.  We are scheduled to deliver our goodies to Presbyterian Hospital on Tuesday, February 8 at 1PM.  Friends and Supporters will surround us at the Women’s Center on the 8th Floor as we officially launch our partnership and at long last get these gifts in the hands of some new moms!