The Perfect Gift

Baby Bundles is proud to offer donation gift cards.  Our cards were created by the artistic hand of designer Jenny Jordan. Currently, we offer two types of cards, one is a gift card available for any occasion and the other is our signature Mother’s Day gift card.  Baby Bundles takes great pride in celebrating the sacred relationship between a mother and child.  We created a way for you to honor your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother or special friend in your life on Mother’s Day.  The recipient of the cards will know that with this gift a mother and needy newborn baby will receive bundles of goods.  To order cards simply go to and select “cards” on the main menu.  Be on the look out for our Holiday Cards.  The perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of the season!BabyBundles_GenericGiftCardBabyBundles_MothersDayGiftCard_Yellow

Embracing our mission

Co-Founder Heather Leavitt cradles a six week old recipient of a Bundle!    The mother of this baby participates in the Nurse-Family Partnership program under Care Ring.  Baby Bundles impacts over 160 mothers and babies at NFP every year.

Baby Bundles gains support from Local Organizations

We are frequently asked by friend and family how we produce such massive amounts of bundles.  There are many factors that make Baby Bundles possible but it boils down to clothing and money.  A bulk of our clothing currently comes from local consignment sales which donate clothing after the sale.  For example,  we receive large amounts of donations from the St. Gabriel Consignment Sale sponsored by the Christian Mothers Group at the church coming up September 28.  The day after the sale Baby Bundles volunteers are able to collect gently used clothing, books and blankets for our bundles.

Some consignment sales do not offer baby clothing.  Last month the Green Jeans Consignment Sale for Women and Teens donated a portion of their proceeds to Baby Bundles.

We simply could not function without this type of support.  We are so grateful to be partnered with both of these organizations and hope for our good fortune to continue to grow!

Green Jeans Consignment for Women and Teens is hosting a Fall Event August 15-18 at Queens Sports Complex.  There will be over 15,000 items including brand name and designer shoes, clothes, handbags, etc.  We would like to thank Green Jeans for also hosting a Charity Pre-Sale, Wednesday, August 14 from 7-10pm.  Tickets (limited to 50) are $12 and will benefit Baby Bundles!  We are so grateful for the community support!  For more information go to
Our first “Bundle” delivery to Ronald McDonald House

Baby Bundles has had the honor of forming a partnership with one of the most well-known organizations in the world, The Ronald McDonald House.   On 6/28/2012, we had the pleasure of making our first delivery to them.   15 girl and boy Bundles are now waiting to go home with some of the families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

The boys of Myers Park UMC Vacation Bible School helping out…….

On June 21st, 2012, 11 of the boys (yes, boys) and 3 parents from the Myers Parks UMC Vacation Bible School came out to the office to help me sort through mounds of donations.   In 2 hours, we went through over 8 bins of clothing and got it all sorted out and ready for bundle making.  And, the boys got an early education on baby clothing!   Check out the pictures of the awesome time we had!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped!

Another great Volunteer Event!

On May 22nd, Baby Bundles hosted another great volunteer event! This one was was really special because it was the first time we advertised the event to the community through Hands On Charlotte and We had a spectacular turn out of friends, family members, and community members (who are now great, new Baby Bundles friends). The day was hugely successful in that we were able to sort through mounds of donations and make over 30 new bundles!
A big Baby Bundles thanks to:
Nique W.                   Briana M.                    Betsy I.
Jane C.                     Murjana N.                  Cindy
Willa C.                     Angela A.                     Hillary P.
Laura G.                   Haley G.

The rewards from everyone's hard work

Thank you to all of our donating partners!

A lot of our followers may not know this but most of our donations come from the fabulous people of the Charlotte community who are willing to donate their unsold items after local consignment sales.   However, we are not able to obtain theses donations without the partnerships that we have with the local organizations and churches who host these consignment sales twice a year.   Below is a list of these organizations and churches:

  • Harris YMCA
  • University United Methodist Church
  • Just a Week Boutique
  • Assurance United Methodist Church
  • Sardis Presbyterian Church
  • Covenant Presbyterian Church
  • Myers Park Presbyterian Church

An example of the fabulous donations we get

Any individual or organization interested in making donations, please contact us!  We would love to talk to you!

Thank you to Cara Shields with Bucknell University Alumni

On April 23rd, 2012, Cara Shields from the Bucknell University Alumni came out to the Baby Bundles office to volunteer and help make bundles.   We made a ton of much needed bundles!   A big thanks to Cara and Bucknell’s Alumni for thinking of Baby Bundles for their annual volunteer activity!